I am an award-winning Director and Director of Photography with 10 years of experience making films. After starting out in broadcast television, I went on to work for a successful creative agency where I eventually lead the film department. From the Scottish Highlands to Ivorian Jungles, I’ve been lucky enough to shoot films all over the globe, in extreme conditions and covering sensitive subjects, working for some of the world’s biggest brands and charities.

I have experience in all areas of filming making, from initial concept development to edit producing, in both fiction and non-fiction genres. Over the years my work has received recognition in various international awards.

I am currently based in London, UK.


  • Colchester Film Festival - 60-hour Film Challenge 2016 - 2nd Place
  • D&AD Awards 2015 - Moving Image - Wood Pencil
  • Deauville Green Awards 2015 - Grand Prix Best Corporate Film
  • EVCOM Awards 2014 - Post-Production - Silver
  • EVCOM Awards 2014 - Best Charity and Not-For-Profit Communications - Silver
  • Cannes Corporate Media and TV Awards 2014 - Environmental Issues and Concerns - Silver
  • International Television and Films Awards 2014 - The New York Festivals - CSR - Gold